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in great falls, virginia along georgetown pike near walker road. delia goncalves is live there this morning with this. just awful. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, jess. it really is a terrible story and indeed a tragedy here in great falls. crews have been working all through the night and the road remains closed. we're here in the 9900 block of georgetown pike. crews are still here trying to remove a tree here. this is a second tree in the. they also believe this -- in the area. they also believe this tree is damaged and they say if t is in danger -- say it is in danger of falling. drivers witnessed a 100-foot tall tree collapse suddenly and crush a car stuck in rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. the tree was hollow inside indicating it was severely damaged. the accident happened just steps from the firehouse. crews responded immediately quickly disoampg, though, no one could survive the impact -- discovering, though, no one could survive the impact of that tree. >> the tree had obviously deteriorating from a hole in the bottom. unfortunately the person in that car,
today at the wilson building. delia goncalves is there live with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. the wilson building will be very active today. this last null day of the legislative session before the council breaks for the summer. and there will be no question that something certainly has to be done about these long- standing pepco power outages but the question, is burying the lines the best solution. mary cheh says it's one solution albeit a costly one but legislation would require that co. pay for -- that pepco pay for it. >> each time we have situations like this, there will be some nashing of teeth and pepco will say we have a new program and we have a two-year program, three-year program but it never seems to change. the thick that stays the same is they make promises. >> the public service commission fined pepco a million dollars for past msm prance. we've -- past performance. we've heard nothing remotely of regulatory oversight in the district of columbia. >> reporter: over the district of columbia public service commission is now inde
and most of those customers live in montgomery county. delia goncalves has the latest information from kensington, maryland. >> reporter: art and donna cheer at the news they finally have power. >> this is ridiculous, i wish we could find another -- electric company. pepco is just no good. i bet the man who owns the place -- >> it's not that -- pepco is trying the best they can. >> no they're not either. we haven't had -- seen one pepco truck all week. >> well, we have now. >> big deal. >> reporter: it's a typical debate. folks fed up and steamed up after several hot days without power. and then those sympathetic with crews working long hours to fix a big problem. >> it seems odd to me though that we live in washington, d.c. metropolitan area which is you know, a big city, a big you know -- there's -- and we have to go five whole days without power. even though the storm was very severe. i can understand that. but i mean things have to be tightened up. >> reporter: many folks in the neighborhood are rejoicing but there are just a couple of folks who are still suffering. >> it's a big j
company set his car on fire. delia goncalves reports now if silver spring. -- from silver spring. >> reporter: how are you feeling about pepco right about now? >> honestly i'm very upset. i think they created a very dangerous life-threatening situation. >> reporter: who would blame him? andrew already dealing with the headache of two damaged cars. crunched up by this massive tree that fell during the storm. now says when pepco restored power to the lines this morning, his cars went up in flames. >> their power lines were in direct contact with our cars. and when they reenergized the power lines, it started arcing through the cars and we spoke to a pepco inspector yesterday afternoon. and told him of the situation. >> reporter: so they knew this tree had fallen. >> they knew it had fallen and they knew that there were power lines directly in contact with the cars. >> reporter: crow anyone, his wife -- cronin, his wife and 84- year-old mother rushed out of the house rescuing their four cats, thankfully they made it out safely but it could have been much worse. >> there were power l
hour yesterday on the georgetown pike near walker road in great falls. zeal -- delia goncalves returns to the scene. >> reporter: vdot crews worked through the night to remove a second tree deemed damaged and in danger of falling. and shortly after 6:00 a.m., the nearly 100-foot tall tree came toppling down. crews hope to avoid another tragedy like this one yesterday. it was 6:30 in the evening. police say 64-year-old albert roath iii of great falls was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic when without warning this tree came crashing down killing him instantly. >> it's very traumatizing. >> reporter: a portion of that 200-year-old tree that fell yesterday and killed a man still sits here on the side of the road. arborists say you can tell by looking into its trunk how severely damaged it was. that trunk is completely hollowed out. in fact, we've learned from several sources the county tried removing these damaged trees several years ago but some residents fought to keep them. >> there's one tree or two trees -- is one tree or two trees worth endangering both egress and ingrease from sites
in the southbound lanes of route 110 in arlington near the pentagon this morning. our delia goncalves has more information. >> reporter: police have been here on the scene since shortly after 6:00 this morning when this body was discovered. we have now learned this 62- year-old veteran was reported missing by his girlfriend in massachusetts two weeks ago. he has a history of mental illness. cars slowly creep by the crash scene. police trying to determine who hit and killed a 62-year-old man and then sped off this morning. the only tip coming from a witness who stayed on the scene. >> the 911 call was reported. there was a vehicle that had pulled over initially. that was from the reporting party. saying the vehicle is on the side of the road. there's a body laying in front. >> reporter: but when police arrived the vehicle took off leaving little trace behind. >> there was an individual behind the wheel of the vehicle. they are considered a witness. >> reporter: investigators here on the scene say the man was likely hit at a very high rate of speed in the middle of the roadway and then thrown 60
to theaters with heavy hearts for their victims in colorado. delia goncalves has their recollection. >> reporter: a small hard but diehard group of fans heading to the early showing of "the dark knight rises" in georgetown have one thing on their mind. >> i say shame on that guy. >> reporter: news of the movie theater massacre spread quickly among the fan base. >> it's the movies. it's a part where we go to distract our lives from the real world, from danger out there. now they're bringing danger into the movie. >> reporter: why they don't blame the action film, some think security here at home may be affected by the tragic events in colorado. >> i wouldn't be surprised at least they make their rounds around, checking the emergency exit doors or -- i don't know. patting down is a little extreme but be at least aware of who is going into the theater. >> you don't want to take away your liberties. if you're going to start searching everybody, nobody wants to go to the movies anymore. >> i think your chances getting killed on the way there in a car driving are probably higher than your
down amid allegations of an illegal shadow campaign. >> delia goncalves the tracking the latest -- is tracking the latest developments from outside the wilson building this morning, that's of course where the office is. good morning. >> reporter: good morning mike. sources tell 9news now that mayor gray was absolutely shocked when he first learned about the illegal shadow exam pain back in-- campaign back in january and even asked to cover up the crime but he refused. he immediately called his lawyer and told him about the $653,000 that secretly paid for a number of campaign materials. even paying for his escort vehicle and his driver. harris long time friend and campaign consultant pled guilty after the fbi found the invoices during a raid of her home. but jeff thompson d.c. businessman who funded the scheme has not yet been charged. now mayor gray is telling reporters he will not resign. but here's what he's telling his closest aides. >> one thing we do know the mayor is not going to resign because three council members and others are asking him to. my sources say the mayor wi
this morning. >> it's a story happening today. delia goncalves is live along route 7 intysons -- in tysons corner with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jess. you were mentioning that traffic in the last clip and being familiar with this project. well, a lot of that traffic has begun. hey, today you may have a reason to celebrate. if you've been dealing with the traffic of this construction, well, today may indicate that traffic congestion may be easing in this area because crews will install the final segment of the aerial guideway later this morning. the controversial project moves forward with the promise of bringing economic growth to the region. the loudoun county board of supervisors held off on its crucial support of the project until a last-minute vote earlier this months. member -- this month. members were tied up in debate over labor issues to whether the train should be built above or underground but governor bob mcdonnell urged the board not to stand in the way of progress. now, without the board's support, that the crucial part of this project could have been
. protesters are here as part of international aids conference which is going on in downtown. delia goncalves is live outside the washington convention center where a lot of the events are going on and talk about what's going on inside today. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. things are heating up. lots of folks coming in and getting prepared for some events that will be happening in just a short time from now. we've seen a lot of live music, some forums, education, even some lively protests inside the conference so far. everyone, though, is really focused on ending this disease. you talk to everyone inside of the conference and they say we are indeed very close. however, funding remains a huge challenge, especially in this economy. the u.s. has donated, though, an extra $150 million focusing on mothers so they don't spread the virus to their children. still, listen to this 30.4 million people worldwide are living with h.i.v. and even though infection rates are down, two and a half million people are infected every year. >> what would be an aids conference be without a lit
day of training camp. >> this is the full first squad practice. delia goncalves live at redskins park out in ashburn. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. what's a little heat for redskins fans honestly. they will be here in droves i can assure that it's quiet now but the park soon will be buzzing with activity as folks prepare for the rush of fans that will likely head here so they can see their first glimpse of their new redskins. hopes are very high as they always are every year but extra high this season. it's riding on the back of rookie quarterback robert griffin iii. on july 18rg3 signed a $1.1 million -- $21.1 million four- year contract with the redskins, including a signing bonus. of course rg3 has been a high profile player since the draft appearing even in gatorade commercials but the heisman trophy winner says it's not about him. it's about the team. >> if it wasn't good, i would have definitely felt it in the locker room but, you know, when all the guys showed up, most of them were either laughing about them or saying they were really cool. i think it ru
about this alleged illegal shadow campaign on his behalf. >> delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building with these latest developments. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is a huge development now in this case and it could break it wide open and it could mean that the mayor has quite the challenge ahead of him. "the washington post" now reporting that mayor gray held a private meeting inside his office on the 6th floor here at the wilson building about this money back in january. but mayor gray still denies any thong of the $650,000 -- any knowledge of the $650,000 that was secretly funneled to his campaign. but he does admit, quote, this is not the campaign i intended to run. genie harris faces years behind bars for her plot. jeffrey thompson is the alleged financial backer in the scheme. he's not been charged but his home and office were raided by the phish. so if prosecutors say the mayor's campaign was corrupt, what about his administration? >> i think it's unfair to say our administration. i have to distinguish between the campaign and the adminis
gas stations snatching purses from women as they fill their gas tanks. >> delia goncalves is live in capital heights with more on the search for this thief. delia? >> reporter: jessica, this on the 1400 block of hampton park drive here in capital heights one of four area gas stations in prince george's county that's been targeted. and just the past two days. and you can see that this gas station right now is very busy. but don't be fooled. police say even at a very busy gas station this can still happen and it has happened. it's unclear if the same suspects are responsible but police do have one suspect's vehicle on surveillance tape. the black mercedes suv circles the pumps at the sheriff road gas station in landover. and then you can see the passenger of that suspect's vehicle jumps out and snatches a woman's purse from her open car window, this all happened wednesday at 6:00 in the evening. >> it was -- about 8:00. the morning before thanksgiving. very crowded. i thought it would be safe because there were so many people. i saw the -- the car actually before the guy jumped into
goncalves is live outside the wilson building with more on the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. it certainly will be an interesting press conference at 10:00 here inside the wilson building. i don't know how the mayor will avoid these questions that i'm sure will be bombarded by a number of reporters who will be in that room. initially he said he knew nothing about this corruption. that has changed to simply no comment. so we'll see what else he has to say today and if that changes because now we're talking about a pretty large number, more than 650,000 -- $650,000 that was secretly funneled to his campaign. let's take a look at some video that was shot just yesterday. gene harris, a 75-year-old public relations consultant pled guilty in federal court yesterday to using that money to help mayor gray get elected. she pled guilty to buying 10 thousand yard signs, 6,000 t- shirts, banners, laptops and a pa system. harris worked for d.c. businessman jeffrey thompson who was alleged have to have written the checks but did not come up with the scheme. that perso
. delia goncalves is following the doings at reds skins training camp. she's live at redskins park in ashburn, virginia this morning. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. i like the vigor of that intro, jessica and mike. it's a pretty exciting day here at the park. folks are gearing up. a lot of them -- members of the media are already here and employees are here. you can already feel the buzz. i've got to say even with the new found celebrity, rg3, he's a pretty humble guy. when he was responding to a reporter's questions during a news conference yesterday, he said, you know, in fact, he's just a mask. the guys on the team are the body, heart and soul of the redskins. but a lot of course is riding on the rookie's shoulder. washington is hoping to turn two decades of disappointments into a winning season with talks about the playoffs and of course even a super bowl. so how is the young qb handling the pressure? >> it's a blessing. nobody gets a chance to come to the capital city of the united states and be the quarterback in that town. so i definitely look at it as a ble
but there was a disabled vehicle in the roadway as well. we have our delia goncalves out live telling us about the situation on the green line as well. maybe metro is going to be a better idea, delia? >> reporter: it sounds like it so far. they were reporting a 15-minute delay. however, good news to pass along to commuters on the green line this morning. no delays. crews were able to repair that train derailment -- i'm sorry, they were able to repair the portion of the track that caused the train derailment not too far away from this west hyattsville stop on friday. metro is blaming the extreme heat for expanding a portion of that rail so when the train passed by around 5:00 p.m. friday, it derailed inside the tunnel. prince george's county fire responded to the scene quickly and evacuated passengers safely. >> 95ems folks operating on the scene assisted in evacuating the 56 people from the train. our folks entered the tunnel from the station, walked down to the train, meet up with the conductor of the train, make sure they had to a face to face to know where the patients were. >> they were si
. >> delia goncalves joins us live now from the wilson building where the mayor's office is. she has more as we look ahead this morning. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, jessica. certainly this is not a scientific poll but the results are indeed very telling. it appears that after these long running scandals surrounding kwame brown, it appears district residents are fed up and they want this controversy to be over quickly. but the mayor supporters who rallied outside the wilson building yesterday say things may not be as they appear. mayor gray admits that it was not the campaign he intended to run, but he hasn't really offered any further detail. genie harris who pled guilty to funneling $653,000 in that illegal shadow campaign now says she told the mayor about it back in january. and according to "the washington post" poll, 54% of voters think the mayor should step down but 37% believe he should remain in office. >> i worked the campaign. i didn't get a dime. >> i've been troubled by the rush to judgment and the media feeding frenzy with regard to vincent gray. >> w
of thunderstorms rolled through the region leaving a path of damage in its wake. >> delia goncalves joins us live from rhode island avenue in northeast with a look at things there. that was a really bad place to be last night, delia. >> reporter: i know. it's like these folks just can't get enough. just give these folks a break. we've all been through a whole lot these past couple of weeks but some good news to report this morning. it seems like pepco is making some progress. we checked about a half an hour ago, and the outages were at about 7500. now they're down to 5200 and here's one example why. you can see the lights are flashing here at this intersection of 20th and rhode island avenue in northeast. fortunately the lights were just back on so power was restored a short time ago after the lights were knocked out following last night's fast moving storm. let's take a look at some video that was shot last night. you can see that the heavy rains caused widespread flooding throughout the area washing out roads and basements. for thousands in the area this is the third smack by mother nature in r
employees long before january to make up for those losses. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill with more on yet another stalemate between these people. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, welcome back. you know congress nevada intended for -- never intended for the cuts to take place and initially it was really just a threat. or an incentive to force the supercommittee to come up with a balanced budget plan. well, that committee failed to do so and now it seems, well, these cuts could happen. and that could mean some devastating results here in the area. two million job losses around the country, more than 160,000 federal jobs right here in the washington, d.c. area alone. these cuts as you mentioned $1.2 trillion and they could have widespread effects on federal services that we rely on daily. >> i'm here because we are concerned about jobs in our industry. more so concerned about the security of our nation. >> it was never really meant to be a policy. it was meant to be a hammer. >> this problem goes away with one simple thing. balance. as long as the other side is willing to put
us with -- delia goncalves joins us with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're hearing from family members and old friends of james holmes. he was a gifted kid, a student at the university of colorado, a phz. contradict that with this story that we have for you, it was the mere sound of his voice that led a gun club owner that we just spoke to to warn his employees about this 24-year- old. back on june 25, james holmes e- mailed an online application to a private gun club outside of denver in which he said he's not a drug user or a convicted felon. the owner called holmes three times to discuss his application. holmes never called back. our andean mccarren is in colorado. the message was very disturbing describing the voice as low, guttural, freakish even. he immediately told his staffers to not let holmes in to a july 1 orientation. >> one of my staff members called and said hey, what was the name of that person that you flagged for us? once that james holmes? i said yes. they said well, that's the name of the shooter. my main reaction was thank you, lord, for not giving hi
with shooting and killing 12 people at the opening of the latest batman movie. >> delia goncalves is tracking what's expected to happen today. >> reporter: good morning. james holmes appears in court at 9:30. he will be represented by a public defender after he reportedly stopped cooperating with investigators, this following the disclosure that he had a booby trap in his apartment. this morning we're learning much more detail about this 24- year-old. ' plied to a online gun club. before his application was reviewed, he was denied access. we also learned on july 2 he purchased $300 of tactical equipment. that company says they are shocked and appalled that he used their equipment in the massacre. our andean mccarren -- andean mccarren who was in colorado said he made the decision to deny holmes after listening to his voice mail. >> the voice mail was a very low base guttural sounding, rambling, incoherent deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. one of my staff members called and said hey, what was the name of that person that you flagged for us? wasn't that james holmes? i said yes
that would force pepco to start putting power lines underground. delia goncalves is live at the wilson building with a preview of what they're working on there today. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. today is the last full session before the council breaks for the summer and mary cheh is hoping to push the pepco legislation through using the frustration of many power customers in the district of columbia. she says it's time to consider underground lines for portions of pepco service areas in dg. pepco as we know routinely blames outages on the weather knocking down trees and the overhead wires. mary cheh says burying the wires at least in some neighborhoods here in the district is at least one solution. >> we know that process will cost an awful lot of money and will be disruptive but unless we begin to do it, we'll never do it. >> the only thing that corporations of pepco's size respond to is the threat of penalty. >> reporter: the utility board here in the district says d.c.'s public service commission is partly to blame for these problems consistently wi
building in support of mayor gray. delia goncalves joins us live from outside the wilson building with more. good morning to you, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jessica, mike. these results are pretty telling. i'm sure folks within the administration are taking a very close look at the results, even though mayor gray is steadfast in his commitment that he will serve all four years of his term. cord to the post -- according to the post poll, four out of ten voters who elected him to office now think he should step down. let's take a look at some video shot the other day. obviously the mayor has his supporters as seen in this rally of clergy members outside the wilson building yesterday. "the washington post" poll indicates many are expressing doubts in the mayor's ability to run the city. 48% of african-americans, a huge base for the mayor, now say he should resign. overall 54% think stepping down is the right thing to do while 37% of voters think he should stay in office. reaction is mixed, even in his home ward of ward 7. let's listen to those folks. >> there's too much against him and
today. delia goncalves is live in tysons corner with the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. this indeed is a major milestone for the project. you can see the train's aerial guideway that's stretching along route 7 here. later this morning, crews will finally install the final segment of that aerial guideway. the 11 and a half-mile project will extend from reston west to dulles airport ending at route 7, 72 in eastern loudoun county. supporters say the silver line is vital to the economic development and longevity of this region, but it certainly has been a controversial project. the loudoun county board of supervisors argued whether the train should be built above or underground and held off its support until a 5-4 vote earlier this month that paved the way for the $6 billion project to move forward. supporters of the silver line are hoping this will ease the major traffic congestion in this area, especially for those folks who are driving heading to dulles airport and for loudoun county which is the fastest growing county in the nation. so what's next for
silver hill road in district heights, maryland. delia goncalves joins us live with more on the situation. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. here we are nine hours after this fire broke out. you can see crews are still here on the scene working to board up the windows of this apartment building that was nearly gutted out by last night's fire. when firefighters arrived just before 8:00 p.m., the building was fully engulfed in flames. about 75 firefighters from throughout the county worked to get the blaze under control. we're told that a couple of firefighters suffered heat exhaustion but after some treatment they were fine and were able to continue their work to get the blaze under control. all residents in the 22 apartments here were able to escape with their lives but unfortunately a homeowner's dog died in the fire. >> my girlfriend and i, we were sitting, talking in my living room. then we kept on hearing somebody just yelling the same thing. so leona got up to go to the balcony. once we got on the balcony, we looked right and the whole building looked like it w
funned hundreds of thousands of dollars into the 2010 bid for mayor. delia goncalves is live outside with the latest. >> reporter: good morning mike, you know mayor gray has stood firm and he is not speaking in regards to details of this case. but many sources within the wilson building certainly are talking about the investigation. and have confirmed to 9news now that mayor gray immediately reached out to his personal attorney as soon as he learned about this shadow campaign. we're told the mayor was absolutely shocked when he learned back in january of this $653,000 in money that was secretly funneled to his campaign, he -- we're told had no previous knowledge of this money. though, we are also told by sources it paid a portion of the money -- a portion of the money paid for his escort vehicle that he was driven to campaign events. campaign consultant harris faces two years behind bars for her part in the scheme but says jeff thompson actually funded the plot. >> harris wants the mayor to help her get the invoices, in other words to cover up the shadow campaign's illegal activities
road if district heights. delia goncalves is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. red cross is helping those displaced residents. crews are just pulling off after being here overnight, boarding up many portions and many windows and doors of this building. 75 firefighters from throughout the county arrived just before 8:00 last night, but crews say the fire was burning for some time before they even got here on the scene. flames were shooting out of all three floors we're told. fortunately all residents in the 22 apartments evacuated safely but sadly we're told one resident's dog died in the flames. >> it was just terrible. the flame was just -- just like that. it's like it happened all of a sudden. >> we cared about that dog. i don't know who the dog was but we care about the dog. the dog is like somebody's animal, you know. so it was just -- it was just horrifying. >> reporter: coming up at 6:30, how these residents got out of their house. who literally knocked on every door to get these residents out of their burning homes and why this fire spread so quickly in the first
toppled over and then crushed a car with a man inside. delia goncalves joins us live from the scene. the pictures we've seen so far are just astonishing. >> reporter: oh, it's heartbreaking. without warning this tree just fell. it is just a terrible situation. this block, the 9900 block of georgetown pike still remains closed. we're talking more than ten hours later. take a look. crews are here. they are trying to remove a second tree in the area that they believe is damaged and could fall as well. we can't shiny lights on the tree to show -- shine any lights on the tree to show you because we're told that would hurt the operation that is going on right now. we are seeing the crews taking down the limbs but the other tree fell without warning. it was around 6:30 yesterday evening. traffic as usual was backed up on georgetown pike when the massive tree fell crashing down on a car in the westbound lane. the firehouse is just steps away. firefighters responded immediately to the scene but their rescue operation quickly turned into a recovery as they discovered the weight of this 100-fo
around the beltway. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill this morning with a closer look at the debate. >> reporter: good morning mike. another potential total job loss around the country? 2million. that is, if congress doesn't act in time. the cuts were never meant to happen we're told. congress passed them simply to force a supercommittee to balance a budget shortfall but that supercommittee failed to do so. now, the only way the country can avoid these widespread and damaging $2.1 trillion in federal cuts is if congress steps in with a new plan by january. >> national parks would have to close. would there be any people to fight forest fires and stamp your passport at dulles when you flew in from a foreign county? >> it doubles the cults in the mail tear -- cuts in the military and obviously add another 100,000 that would have reduced and the impact of that on top of the reductions that are currently going to take place would -- would place a huge burden on the systems to be able to respond to that. >> reporter: and in that vein some say the country -- congress rather put the countr
helped run such a campaign. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building with more on the plea and its implications. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andre that. this is by far the most severe of the allegations we've seen connected to gray's campaign. his other two former campaign aides were in court, pled guilty to small offenses compared to what we're talking about here. $650,000 that was funneled to gray's campaign. gene harris pled guilty in federal court yesterday to using that money to help get mayor gray elected. allegedly buying yard signs, t- shirts, banners, laptops, even a p.a. system, that's what she pled guilty to in court. jeffrey thompson who allegedly written the checks but did not come up with the scheme. there's no indication that mayor gray had any knowledge of the plot. here what is -- here's what his public relations spokesperson said yesterday. >> as he relayed yesterday to "the washington post," he had no comment. >> reporter: again no comment even with the new developments? >> he had no comment as of yesterday to "th
spread across virginia, maryland and the district but a lot of them in the district. delia goncalves joins us live in northeast. they continue to get slammed. >> reporter: i know. these folks just can't get a break honestly. they've been hard hit by these storms. fortunately, though, some good news for morning commuters especially. you can see the power is back on and the lights have been restored to their normal operational service. so traffic is flowing smoothly but we've been seeing a lot of crews, utility crews throughout the area. so they are slowly turning these lights back on so you should proceed with caution as you're commuting to work this morning on rhode island avenue because thousands of customers in the area lost electricity. last night's fast moving rain flooded numerous roads throughout the region and basements and neighborhoods like bloomingdale in northeast flooded for the third time in the past couple of weeks. however, this go around restoration is faster than it was during the derecho which left hundreds of thousands of customers in the dark, anywhere from three
news now reporter delia goncalves is live, and where are you this morning tracking the pepco outages? >> reporter: thank goodness for the daylight because you wouldn't see this neighborhood other than that. we're at 7 locks road in cabin john. mike had just mentioned that protest they had yesterday talking about the communication issues with pepco. so there is a lot of frustration in this particular neighborhood and throughout, folks calling pepco or receiving the robo calls. but they are still in the dark. we'll look at daylight. that gives you an idea of what folks have been dealing with. crews more than 2,000 have been working around the clock to repair the lines and chop down some of the trees that are blocking roadways. it's taking some time. they are ahead of schedule. for those folks still living in the dark, i guess crews can't work fast enough. we talked to folks yesterday and here's what they have to say. it's miserable. >> at some point, public utility's got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> it's just aggravating. it's year after year and time after time
says 105 possibly on saturday. delia goncalves in the cabin john area of montgomery county. >>> dominion's outage numbers are going back and forth. overnight, it dipped to 96 but jumped back up to 14,000 after the storms moved through. it is no relief from the heat. in reston, they are on day six without air conditioning or elevators. >>> bgi restored power to 650,000 costs but 55,000 are still without power. most of them are on the north side of baltimore city as well as towson and owe wigs mills -- owings mills. andrea? >>> right now, we focus on the district and efforts to get peak power back and cleanup after the storm. joining us is muri al buzzer. you are probably still getting complaints. >> absolutely. we have still people with very hot homes and downed trees. many people have completely left their homes since last friday. we know we're now to the areas where a couple of houses are on a block or several blocks. we have one area near 18th and quincy street where we have about 24 homes continuously out. so we know they are getting to them. people are hot and frustr
a press briefing saying his administration is not corrupt. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is following this story live at the wilson building trying to make a distinction between the campaign and his administration. are people buying it? >> reporter: it's an interesting angle but i don't know if folks are buying it, especially when we tell but this major break in the case that we've learned of this morning. it appears that mayor gray may actually have known about the shadow campaign. "the washington post" reporting this morning that mayor gray held a meeting inside his private office in the wilson building back in january about this veg and about this money in the shadow campaign. so that raises a whole slew of questions as to whether or not he's being truthful when he says he didn't know anything about this. now council members say came -- now council members cantania, cheh and bowser are calling him for him to resign. $650,000 was secretly funneled toward his election bid. he did say it was not the campaign he intended to run. long-time friend gene harris faces up to two years behind
on tape. our delia goncalves is lye at one of the -- live at one of the gas stations in capital heights, good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning jessica you know this is a warning that you hear very often. however, unfortunately with the summer heat, lots of people let their guards down and so this is yet another warning out there for women. this is the wawa on the 1400 block of hampton park boulevard here in capital heights. police say this is just one of the four gas stations tarted by these brazen robbers. let's take a look at the surveillance video taken from a recent purse snapping that happened on -- snatching that happened on wednesday at 6:00 in the evening. this is from a gas station on sheriff road. in the surveillance video you can see the suspect's black mercedes suv circling the pump when suddenly the passenger from that suspect's vehicle leaps into an open window of the victim's car and steals her purse. we spoke to another victim who did not want to be on camera. here's what she had to say. >> by the time i got out of the car i saw someone jumping in the passenger s
.c. and culminates with today's big march. delia goncalves joins us live from the convention center. she has a preview of what's going on today. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. going to be a very busy day here in d.c. 30,000 people are all expected to kind of crowd the streets as you said in this march and that march includes five different protests throughout the city, everyone calling on an end to aids. the world aids conference, everyone agrees that we are close to an end to this epidemic but the main challenge remains funding. the u.s. has donated an extra $150 million to help poor countries fight the disease with medication and prevention awareness but many are now calling for what they're calling the robin hood tax on wall street that would give 50 cents per $100 of trading to hiv-aids treatment. >> the united states is committed and will remain committed to achieving an aids friegen ration -- aids free generation. >> we need to get better at this. the funding environment is very tough. some days if feels like we're going to have to fight just to keep the funding at the
and life threatening situation. delia goncalves takes us there. >> reporter: ken's sit-in started overnight, but this massive tree has been blocking pembroke drive since friday's violent storm which also snapped a utility pole leaving 500 feet of wire scattered on the ground. >> this is a major thorough fire getting to a major hospital. >> it's aggravating. this is year after year time after time. i know they're up against a lot. they have been on the street trimming trees and stuff, but it's been we're talking friday night at 10:30. >> tuesday night trying to get home and a lot of the -- there were no street lights, so i couldn't really see. it was very dark everywhere. >> reporter: tamba boki was riding his bike home assuming the tree had been removed by then while he was clotheslined by the yellow tape. >> i just hope i don't touch one of the electricity cords or anything or run into a pole. >> if it was day one or two, it would be different. >> reporter: ken says crews stalled on tree removal because no one could figure out who was responsible. >> it's maryland park and plan
. at arlington national cemetery, delia goncalves, 9news now. >> today's ceremony was organized by a committee to honor the 60th anniversary of the koreaen war. that comes next year. >>> a new orleans landmark went up in flames this morning. fire destroyed the pies just before dawn today. the simon pie company was founded in fort worth, texas, in 1910. but the new orleans pie factory, which opened in 1922 was the only one left. the companies individually wrapped pies. it is unclear what started the fire. >>> an alexandria woman is no longer the chicken wing eating champion of the world. sonya was the championship going in. the professional competitive eater, known as the black widow, was the only woman in the contest. the idea is pretty simple. the winner who is whoever can eat the most wings in ten minutes. when all the wings were counted up, thomas had lost. she got beat by the hot dog eating champion known as joey chestnut. >> a big technique food. it took a lot of practice. i had to go to hooters quite a bit. >> competitive eating is the best sport it is. it demonstrates the triumph of t
. while trains had been single tracking past the site yesterday, it appears repairs are wrapping up. delia goncalves is live in hyattsville with an update. what kind of commute can commuters expect this morning? >> reporter: we have good news. new information in the last half-hour. they are reporting no delays and no more single attacking in that area after that train derailment that happened not too far away from the west hyattsville stop on friday. metro says friday evening's extreme heat possibly caused a portion of an outdoor rail to expand. so when a train passed by that area just before 5:00 p.m., it derailed inside the tunnel. prince george's county fire and rescue evacuated 56 passengers. no injuries were reported. >> we did transport one customer to a hospital. she was a pregnant female. we had some people treated on scene for heat. we had a cooling station set up as well as provided water. >> it's hot and wasn't very well organized when we got to fort totten. there wasn't very much information about when the shuttle buses were going, where you were supposed to line up so there wa
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